COVID Alert CT is the official COVID-19 exposure notification app in the State of Connecticut. It is supported by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (CT-DPH). COVID Alert CT helps to contain the spread of COVID-19 by complementing the ongoing contact tracing programs carried out by the State and local health departments.

Using COVID Alert CT is voluntary and free of charge. The more people who install and use the app, the more effectively the app can help us to contain and slow the spread of the virus.

Once you install and activate COVID Alert CT and turn on Bluetooth, the app works in the background and exchanges anonymous keys with other devices. Keys are long random strings of characters that are not tied to any personal information. Phones will record the keys generated by other phones nearby with the app installed. The app will record the:

- signal strength, and use that to estimate the distance between devices,
- duration of the contact and
- date of the exposure.

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